Sunday, June 18, 2006

Treasure Hunters - Or proof that Phil Keoghan's job is harder than you think + the MMVA's

To The Amazing Race's Phil Keoghan naysayers, just watch a few minutes of Treasure Hunters (aka: The Amazing Race: Da Vinci Code edition/Ripoff) and listen to the robot/host speak. like. this. with. a. pause. after. every. word. in. a. monotone. voice. and you'll appreciate Phil more than ever. Watch the entire show and you'll appreciate The Amazing Race more than ever.

In theory, Treasure Hunters should work even better than TAR, since it balances a bit of sleuthing along with the racing, a complaint I have with TAR in their diminishing puzzle solving challenges. However, whether its the A&E style camera work, the robot narrator, or the charicature casting, Treasure Hunters is BORING and a little corny and not in the trashy way Big Brother is (ALL STARS! STARTS WEDNESDAY!!!).

Over on the MMVA's (Much Music Video Awards), CITY AND COLOUR is ONLY Dallas Green? (Whats with these one people bands like The Streets and stuff?). and DALLAS Green is from Alexisonfire? How come I didn't know any of this? Funny how his little solo side project City and Colour has completely taken off, probably from his guest appearance on the Neverending White Lights' song "The Grace", and will probably be bigger than his originating band Alexisonfire.

I'd make fun of apparently new Torontonian Tori Spelling but I kinda sort of love her. I give my love to the needy, don't you know that people? I'm a philantropist.

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