Sunday, July 16, 2006

Guilty Pleasure - Big Brother 7: All Stars

ERIKA WENT OUT with JOSH DESOUZA from BB1? for FIVE years? How did I not know that? Why does this even excite me? How sad is my life? (What happened to Josh? Loved him!). How great is Erika's little crush on Kaysar? (Man, it doesn't take much to excite or entertain me on these hot summer nights, I guess that's what Superman Returns was counting on! (7/10 by the way: A little slow but some nice artistic touches from Bryan Singer... if only the script were a bit more exciting and they focused less on the boring crystals and more on Parker Posey's Kitty and Brandon Routh as Superman himself, who was surprisingly good. Plus, why was Kal Penn's lines all cut out?).

So Will finally explains why he is so pasty white, Boogie plans to have a showlationship with Diane who was not impressed when he grabbed her ass in the food competition, shoving her further to drown in the slop, and Danielle suckers and puckers up to Janelle, lip balm intact, and Howie actually looks bothered by Will's remarks.

I still love Kaysar and gang but never thought they were the best players (that would be Nakomis, Danielle, Will and Diane) so I'm a little torn of his nominations of Diane and Nakomis, since they are a huge threat that the others do not realize, but Will needs to GO, if only because that was how he snuck by and manipulated his way to winning the first time around.

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