Sunday, July 30, 2006

Guilty Pleasures - Big Brother 7: All Stars - Why The Sixers are not the Friendsheep

Yes, the Sixers are sitting in the HOH room pretty much running the show, and keeping it to their own gang. However, they are NOT like the much hated Friendsheep because the Friendsheep were hated, not because they were running the Big Brother house, and dominating everyone else, it was because they were plain MEAN and made things PERSONAL, starting from Eric, the most misogynist, racist player disguised as a loving self righteous do-gooder, to the bitchy Beau, April and Ivette, to follower Maggie and the bitch that got Kaysar kicked out again. Sixers however aren't making it personal, they just want to win and that means everyone else will have to go. They are PLAYING the game, but they aren't making it personal, they just have a good set up that has so far been unbeatable, which is very different than the Friendsheep.

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