Friday, July 07, 2006

Reality Overload: Big Brother 7: All Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, Rock Star: Supernova, Canadian Idol, enough summer reality tv for ya?

So the leaks on the net were completely accurate and the 14 Big Brother 7 (not 12 as they officially said) houseguests entered the house earlier this week. Yey Janelle, Kaysar, James and Howie from Season 6 made it. Boo Mike Boogie and Jase did too. Now everybody wants Season 6 people out but Janelle and Jase won first HOH and now Allison and Danielle are up on the block. Should be a fun trashy summer!

Have I noted how much I'm loving So You Think You Can Dance? How fun and how hot and how gay is that show? Still loving my early picks Travis and Martha (see pic above). But also loving Allison and Ivan (even though he looks like he can be broken in half by just touching him, let alone dancing a wicked Hip Hop), and of course Dimitri. Heidi looks like she can be the most annoying girl ever and in theory I would despise her and yet I also feel that she and I would be best friends if we met. So I'm not sure yet... but she's kinda fun to watch in a southern cheerleader gone dirty dancing kinda way.

On Rock Star: Supernova, the Toronto candidate Lukas Rossi has yet again stood right out off the bat, as JD Fortune did last year. Yey Canada! I messed up the recording though so only caught the last third of the show and then had to rely on the recaps. Man the recaps can be decieving though since the boys sounded better than the girls but then found out it was really vice versa, which was proven today in the results show when they showed longer recaps.

Anyhoo. I also finally watched the finale for American Idol... yes. it's irrelevant at this point but what a madcap weird show THAT was... Prince? Mary J. Blige? Toni Braxton? Dionne Warwick? Meatloaf? Live? Though Elliott Yamin and Mary J. were TIGHT... The whole show was kinda ridiculous in a train wreck entertainment sort of way.

Oh, and Canadian Idol? No favorites this year yet... In a way a better sounding group yet none really seem to have any star power... not that excited about it this year...so far.

Okay. here's an extra clip from last week's So You Think You Can Dance... man I really do love this show... probably why I've gotten all excited to see A Chorus Line that starts in SFO this month and moves to Broadway come fall.

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