Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Summer Reality - Rock Star: Supernova, Canadian Idol Top 10 Results, Big Brother: All Stars

Where IS Supernova going? From any indication last night, the three members seemed to be looking for completely different things in the rockers. The good news is that they all seemed to favour my new fav Toby Rand and his Aussie voice.

My top four are now Toby, Josh, Lukas and Dilana though Jenny from Vancouver isn't bad either.

On Canadian Idol... hmm... who cares... So far no one really stands out and in fact, most are annoying me this year. Maybe it's because they all seem too young thing year (only three are in their 20's and everyone else is still in the teens). In fact, I can't believe Kati Durst and Steffi D made it. They are HORRIBLE. and Yes, Steffi D is apparently in her teens, despite the fact she looks 43. At this point, my money is on Chad Doucette to make top 3. He sings fine and he's cute. I know, usually that won't just do but it seems like a weak year to me. I would give it to Ashley Coulter (Allyssa Milano's CDN double) but she doesn't seem to know what her strengths are.

Meanwhile, over in the Big Brother: All Star house, let the games begin! First of all, Jase. Not so annoying this year... in fact... kinda amusing. Chicken George? Not so annoying this year by being annoying to all the houseguest and sort of throwing the whole alliances and manipulation off by being sort of clueless in the house (or is that his game?). Meanwhile, yeah Janelle again for winning HOH AND VETO! LOVE YOU! I mean, it'll create an even bigger target on your back but then again, you already had the biggest one going into the game (by being the most popular).

Love that both Marcellas and Erika hold grudges to Danielle and Allison respectively. IT WAS A GAME. IT WAS YEARS AGO... Still... ads to the drama and maybe they can self destruct themselves to leave Team Six intact (LOVE you James, Howie, Kaysar and of course. JANELLE!)

So, I'll kinda be sad if Danielle leaves tomorrow since she WAS the best player not to have won (seriously, she never actually took a side... she throws out a situation and sits back... too bad this time Allison sold you out), but Allison sure makes for good drama as the biggest (female) liar ever to live in the house (Will gets the male honour).

Meanwhile, NBC will be airing Project Runway for the next two Mondays! Bring on sweet Tim Gunn! Biting Nina Garcia and the ever-bitchy Michael Kors!

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