Friday, July 14, 2006

Summer Reality: So You Think You Can Dance, Big Brother 7: All Stars

Oh my Travis, you pitched a perfect performance, from those beautiful spins, to a well timed cry-fest for your mother, cause you know what? Mama boys with ripped abs and spiky blonde hair definitely works on the fanbase. Man that solo dance was FANTASTIC as was your partner Martha's solo. HOLY FLYING... how high did Martha jump?

Poor Donyelle (thankfully safe) looked like she was in so much pain, but not as much pain as it was for us to watch Ashlee's performance, which at this point in the game, was a complete bore. Dimitri continued to show off his abs, and rolled off with perfect politician answers, but hey, it worked on me, and it has worked for weeks so why change the game?

Sex kitten Natalie bounced on her toes in some incredible bouncing thing that I don't even know how to describe even in all its simplicity except to say the girl has got some STRONG LEGS. Totally beautiful.

Poor Musa's limitations finally caught up with him, despite his flip flying solo, but at this point, when they go to individual votes next week, Musa's time was up.

Over on Big Brother, how the hell did Alison end up with a cute doctor? Though can't be THAT smart of a doctor if he believes that Alison isn't flirting and lying to win. Who are you kidding here? So goodbye AGAIN Alison (who I actually don't completely mind cause she DOES stir up a lot of drama and WAS a good player back in BB4) but thank goodness Danielle got to stay so that we still get her manipulating the house.

and KAYSAR!!! For winning HOH!!! Although what's with the return to a single HOH? Why do CBS Reality Shows keep bringing a twist only to drop it after the first ep? However, James' screaming at Howie and Janelle for being blantantly overly excited was justified and if they were smart, its time to fake a fight to take the Sixers out of the spotlight.

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