Friday, August 04, 2006

Guilty Pleasures - Big Brother 7: All Stars

Still United?

Was Janelle right? did Diane deserve to stay?

While Diane pleas that she was not a threat, girl knows how to play the game. Still, Will and Boogie CANNOT win but at least they are amusing to watch, while Erika, Marcellas, Diane, George and Danielle have cowarded quietly trying not to ruffle any feathers (boring). However, they are 5 strong and Sixers are 4, and Chill town are only 2. Janelle had a point but her big mistake was lying about her strategy to her fellow Sixers. Why didn't she just explain it? I know you thought they wouldn't get it, but call James on why HE didn't nominate Will and Boogie last week? or Kaysar the week before? Why they are all turning on Janelle for doing the same thing they all did, I don't understand, but James ALWAYS seems to jump sides at the slightest impending fear.

Of COURSE we had to leave the housemates as they get blown with foam on a net in the backyard. That's not a HOH challenge, thats the beginning of a gay orgy porn shoot. Anyways, if you wanna know the results, here it is.

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