Monday, August 21, 2006

Let the taping begin!

It's Monday, August 21st 2006. Let the new TV Fall 2006 Season begin! Thanks to Fox which is jumping the gun starting off Prison Break and Vanished tonight, Bones and House in the following two weeks, while we slowly peter off from the summer realities of beaches, beer and Big Brother. I'll be trying to revamp this site to include my list of shows to watch for the week, and some other stuff if I can figure it all out (and have time to actually do it). NOTE: SEE NEW SIDEBARS!

I'll have to see if I decide to devote another year to the excitement and frustration that is Prison Break, and will have to see if Vanished was named a bit too well.

Still, time to start prepping up those Tivo's, PVR's, or VCR's for this busy fall season (some timeslots have changed) (or gasp... actually watch live? Though not tonight! It's John Mayer's only club gig on his new tour for me tonight)!

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