Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Summer Reality - Big Brother 7: All Stars, Rock Star: Supernova, Canadian Idol, How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria

Man, what the hell is going on in the Big Brother House? I was catching up from Sundays ep along with last nights new ep and knowing what happened from the live feeds from the spoilers, I'm all confused as to who I like and who I want to win (if Janelle doesn't of course). So as of last week, when HOH George nominated James and Erika, James won POV, George succumbed to Mike Boogie and Will's school bullying and cowardly nominated his Jedi teacher Howie, and Howie was out (since Erika had her not-really-that-secret alliance with Chilltown since she's dating Mike Boogie outside the house (can we say double EW?)). Howie reacted pretty badly on the outs but I can't say I blame him and I probably would have done too. Everyone else was ooing and awing about the shame of his exit but I'm not blaming Howie. Meanwhile, that leaves our poor Janelle all alone (and milking the sadness for all its worth).
Oh yeah, then Mike Boogie won HOH, put James and Janelle up, then Janelle won POV, so now George is back up (way to trust Chilltown eh?). James is apparently furious and not talking to anybody in the house and wanted to see his contract and argued that Janelle cheated (though the show clearly pointed out that she didn't.)

So at this point, these are my little thoughts.

Howie - still Love him.
Mike Boogie - still Hate him but I do give him props for basically getting what he mostly wants.
Will - I think I'm like Janelle, I Hate him for winning and being the puppetmaster but love him for the same thing.
Erika - loved her, now Hate her for basically relying on her secret dating connection to Mike Boogie and thus Chilltown and coasting through the game so far with their help.
Danielle - Love her game play but disappointed that she's so against Janelle when she really should be teaming up with her to go against Chilltown who she has mistakenly alligned with.
James - Hate him for being the exact same betrayer as last year.
George - Hate him for being a cowardly betrayer but kinda loving his new alliance with Janelle
Janelle - She is almost like a pheonix or something... she keeps rising from the ashes! GO JANELLE! LOVE HER.

Meanwhile, with Rock Star's late start, I sadly had to go to bed (how un-Rock Star of me), but I caught just enough to see everyone gunning for the original song. Of course they all want it now. They were all yelled at by Supernova to DO THAT. UGH...

On Canadian Idol, which I have pretty much given up on, Steffi D is FINALLY OUT. 5 weeks to late mind you, but FINALLY OUT. Maybe I can watch again? Though Craig is still on too and I'm not sure if he's much better.

Over in England on the BBC, How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria sounds like the gayest thing in the world. This is the reality show contest to cast Maria in the new revival of The Sound of Music for London's West End. Andrew Lloyd Webber as producer (and vocal participant in the show apparently). I mean. I hate the guy and almost every musical he has ever written (almost. not all. but most) but I would love to see how he is on a reality show . So Graham Norton as host! John Barrowman as a judge? WHY DON'T WE GET THIS SHOW HERE?

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duckyxdale said...

I too hate Erika now. Could she be thinner either? Seriously. can't wait for tonight. JAMES better be going home.

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