Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Amazing Race 10 - First Impressions

Real Fast! Quack, Quack!

First impressions:

Peter and SarahBlonde couple. Looks generic until the whole leg thing which surprised me but automatically makes me like them already. Kinda cute. Could be a little self-righteous though

Muslim team. Bilal and Sa’eed Yeah! finally! They don’t shake women’s hands? Boo.

Generic dating brunette couple. Rob and Kimberly. Who?

David and Mary the Rednecks Coalminer and wife… could be annoying. Okay. Definitely. Already annoying. And CBS thought the controversy would be in the stereotyping of the coloured people? I feel bad for the wife though, I like her feistiness and watching her open her eyes to the world beyond Kentucky.

Blonde Miss America’s. Dustin and Kandice. – um. I can’t tell the difference between them and the Cheerleaders at this point. (cause you know, all white people look the same).

Asian brother team (and I mean that as actual related brothers. Not "brothers"). Erwin and Godwin. Yeah Finally! – Great… too bad they’re a bunch of dumbasses. Waterguns in an airport? I knew something had to be up with names like that. You KNOW those parents spoiled them rotten.

Father Daughter team Duke and Lauren– father is disappointed cause daughter is lesbian. Daddy cries. He could be an asshole but hopefully could be a surprise too. Daughter seems nice. Um, if my dad was like that too? I'd be lesbian too.

Indian couple – Yeah. Finally! Vipul and Arti

Cheerleaders – considering I just rewatched Bring It On! Bring it! Kellie and Jamie

Male Models –Tyler and James. Druggies. Recovery. Models. Oh god… seriously? Wait. This isn't the gay team? From the way they act together, are you sure?

Single Mother friends. Lyn and Karlyn. Alabama. Loving the back-Black woman talk already. Could rival the gay team in bitchiness.

Boyfriends Tom and Terry– let the bitchyness begin. Reichen and Chip they are not, but at least they don’t seem like Team Guido either.

Whoa, that was fast. Elimination already at a NON-Pit stop?
Hmm.. so what does this say about God now that the Muslim team is gone? (Or was this some big conspiracy from the producers to seem diverse but really not?).

As I've noted before, love that they are heading to China first letting the most teams dealing with the language, the craziness and good lord... chinese people. (Before you go writing back remarks, I am chinese, so I'm entitled to make fun of my people, as Survivor apparently showed).

Oh well, we barely knew you Vipul and Arti. You seemed cute if undistinctive other than being Indian. Is it worse to be known as the Asian team? or Indian team based on the colour of your skin? Or the Coalminer and wife or the Cheerleaders? I'm not really sure what all the ruckus might be about cause it could be worse. Recovering drug-addict models, I'm speaking to you.

So 2 of the 4 coloured teams are already gone. So much for diversity. Since Asian brothers annoy the hell out of me, I won't be rooting for them either.

Next week's clip looks terrifically terrifying!

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