Monday, September 25, 2006

The Amazing Race - Can Horses Smell Fear?

Apparently they can.

Finally there's a detour where both choices are actually difficult and can change the standings in the race. Watching teams try to lead the ox-like animal to the water to fill jugs of water, or taking apart a tent and folding it exactly the proper way to fit onto a camel's back (the spit take was silly and infantile yet hilarious all the same. I think it was the sound fx) which was harder than it looked (since 2 teams switched tasks after much struggle) was HILARIOUS.

Also, them riding those kinda tiny horses? Hilarious! Kimberley being knocked off the horse as a branch catches her? One of the pretty girls (I could't tell which one) falling off the horse and being dragged away? Shocking. (Though edits from the previous weeks upcoming preview made it even more gasp enducing).

It's still too early in the game but with many teams left and all arguing in frustration this week, and all the editing and cutting back and forth makes it a little confusing figuring out as to who is where doing what. Plus there were teams I could barely tell apart (Cheerleaders and Beauty pageant girls). I will say, I'm liking Barbies (Beauty Pageant) more, Ex-druggie models (or the Male Kate Mosses) are okay but I still hate them on principal, Bumpkin wife is cute as she meets ASIANS! GAYS! PRETTY PEOPLE! Too bad the Asian brothers are still idiots and Tom and Terry still do not come close to the torch that flamers Team Cha Cha Cha (Season 2) were (or as lovable and hilarious).

Alas, we are left in Mongolia and after what seems like every other Russian Jeep broke down, Cheerleaders were left in the dust by the Bitchy Black Broads and were thus eliminated from the race by our Phil.

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