Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Bones - The Boy in the Dark

What's with the new darker look on Bones? Three episodes in and I'm still distracted by the darker lighting. I know it adds "moooooooood" and makes it look slicker, but now it just sorts of cements it as CSI: Young People. Which is too bad because last year Bones managed to step away from the rest of the procedurals with hilarious dialogue between Bones, Booth and the Squints and some interesting personal stories amongst the bones of the week cases.

This years new attempt to throw some extra stress in Bones with the addition of another female superior Dr. Camille Saroyan has only become annoying fast, so thank goodness they just ended with the reconcilliation scene so that we can move back to the good stuff with Bones and her lovely team. I'm still not sure if Hodgins and Angela's impending romance will be a good thing but at this point, their flirtations are basically the only thing giving us some good laughs right now (particularly when Zach wondered if they just had their little "moment"). The cases have so far been a little hohum so between the weaker cases (because they were trying to force us with the new power/inert love triangle of Booth, Brennan and Saroyan), and this darker moodier direction (as in, cinematography and the director) is slightly boring me a little. BRING BACK THE Bleached out white overlit sets and the banter of the squints and bring back Jonathan Adams and tell Tamara Taylor to get Lost so that we know what happened to Michael and Walt.

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