Monday, September 25, 2006

Breaking Up - Prison Break

Okay. I think I'm officially breaking up with Prison Break because it is too exhausting to hop 2 steps forward only to fall 4 steps back and there are two other things I would rather watch in the same time slot (Corner Gas and How I Met Your Mother) and not enough effort to coordinate recording all three. And now that City is carrying Battlestar Galactica, if I had a third this one might be it.

Plus, now that they killed off Abruzzi and plan to basically kill everyone else off slowly, I just don't care anymore if Michael gets his millions of loot. The show is still exciting in bit moments but since in the end usually on an overall scale, it equates to nothing since they end up writing something silly or easy that negates the whole problem, I'm getting too frustrated to deal.

So Prison Break, I'm breaking up with you for now and at most, might catch up later on DVD.

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