Monday, September 25, 2006

Desperate Housewives - Listen to the Rain on the Roof

We are now 6 months ahead since the black population was driven off Wisteria Lane (okay. basically Betty Applewhite and family)( and along with their lone major Emmy nod). What happened in that time?

Orson Hodge we find out is a crazy perfectionist (does Kyle MacLachlan play anything other? So fantastic as Special Agent Dale Cooper, So perfectly plastic as Trey MacDougal) and possibly murdered his former wife. Last time we saw him in the finale, he was running over Mike Delfino, who now remains in a coma, with Susan caring by his side. Susan meanwhile has met Dougray Scott's Ian Kavanagh who himself is caring for a comatosed partner but this being Desperate Housewives, they flirt away and Ian asks Susan on a date.

Orson meanwhile has asked Bree's hand in marriage, and in a hilarious bout of scary over-controlling cleanliness where Orson re-washes Bree's glasses with a chemical agent even Bree hasn't heard of, Bree gets hot and handy as Orson gives what Bree discovers is her first big O.

Gabrielle and Carlos are in full separation mode but Gabrielle has become slave to surogate Xiao-Mei and threatens to send her back to the rice paddy's once the baby is born, causing her to flee the house.

Lynette continues to deal with Tom's secret child and new old mommy (played by crazy poor womans Lauren Graham lookalike Kiersten Warren).

Oh, and something about rain cleansing everything again in voice over by Sally... er... Julia Brown... er...Mary Alice Young.

I still think Eva Longoria is a comedic force to be reckoned with, that they keep popping out kids from Doug Savant's Tom Scavo to make up for his gay life as Matt on Melrose Place, and that while Felicity Huffman may be the best actress on the set (though debatable with Marcia Cross), she seems to have always been given the most boring storylines.

Bree's new storyline, while not exactly the most buyable storyline, is still the most interesting, and while the episode on the whole was better than most of last season, it was still nothing compared to anything from the first season. I know it will take more than a few eps if it is to get back on track (especially now that at least Marc Cherry is back full on being head writer again), but so far, while not bad, is not quite apointment television that Grey's Anatomy had stolen from its former lead in.

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