Tuesday, September 12, 2006

FOX's New Drama's - Vanished, Standoff, Justice

Shall I add Kidnapped and Runaway to this lot since they all kinda sound the same? So of Fox's three new hour dramas, I suprisingly like Justice the most, the one non-serialized show (and other than Without A Trace, I'm kinda over Procedurals after CSIL&O:SVUCILVNYMiami took over half of TV. You have got to hand it to Jerry Bruckheimer though, he makes bad movies but knows the right balance of entertainment slickness with just enough smarts to keep it floating.

Justice follows lawyer Trott and his team of defence lawyers on criminal cases, shows their lawyer stategies with all the usual Bruckheier technical CGI, and finally, what actually happened, which is a nice touch actualy for some closure finally (cause their's only so much Lost one can handle). It's all done very well and makes for some nice one hour procedurals but the best thing going for this show is our favourite Spy Daddy Victor Garber who milks every dramatic moment and takes reign of his power-attention grabbing lawyer Trott. It's House as a lawyer, and I would fault Victor Garber for this if he wasn't so entertaining and showed some of this already in Alias. Jack McPhee (Dawson's Creek's Kerr Smith) makes a nice young protogé, and while Rebecca Mader looks annoying in the opening credits, she's affective in the show. Eamonn Walker balances out the team with nice stern control and authority.

Speaking of Lost, we have Vanished, the first of this years serialized season-long mysteries. It's too bad I forgot what it was after watching the pilot and couldn't really care less. Plus, I kept thinking of Gale Harold as his Queer as Folk character since he basically plays him the same way (although rumour is Eddie Cibrian was brought in to REPLACE Harold).

Standoff, with Gina Torres and Rob Livingston is not a bad show but you sort of feel underwhelmed and wasting of great talents. Watchable but with the current state of TV, not Tapeworthy since there's too much other stuff.

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