Monday, September 25, 2006

Premieres Tonight - Mon. Sep. 25

Heroes starts tonight on NBC/Global at 9pm (NBC will repeat it tomorrow (Tuesday) night at 8pm). Another big cast. Another interesting concept (real people discover they have superpowers). Another random mix of people meeting by chance a la Six Degrees. Though one of the creators is from Crossing Jordan, I'll give this a chance, if only for Milo Ventimiglia.

Runaway starts on The CW at 9pm in the States, but the irony is, in Toronto, no channel is carrying a show that is filmed right here in our neighbourhoods so in the end, we can't see it (since the former WB channel went MyTV and we never got the former UPN station. UGH). (It was like Kevin Hill, also filmed here, never shown in Toronto). Anyways, this one is getting mostly bad reviews with a few random people like TV Gal who enjoed it. Maybe it's the Donnie Wahlberg thing? It's basically a cross of Everwood and 24, or so they say at least, but I'll never really know (and really don't care enough to download this one).

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