Thursday, September 07, 2006

Premieres Tonight - Thurs. Sept 7th

Fox's new comedy block at Thursdays at 8pm of 'Til Death and Happy Hour is apparrently BAD... REAL BAD. Oh well. Not like I was planning to turn away from the Big Brother tonight (although bad news, apparently Boogie won round two of the 3 part HOH competition), and not like I don't have enough things to watch already in the Thursday 8pm slot once The Office, My Name is Earl, Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy (in Canada) and Survivor starts up later this month.

So are we predicting Happy Hour to be the first show cancelled of the season though? Shall we put our hard-earned money down (woohoo. thank god it's payday)? I like Eddie Kaye Thomas from his American Pie days but never thought Brad Garrett or Joely Fisher were ever particularly that funny.

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