Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Premieres Tonight - Tue. Sept. 12th

So just as I'm about to give up on Big Brother 7: All Stars on its final episode after Janelle got voted off, leaving the two most boring annoying players (Erika and Boogie) as the final two smooching alone in the house (yech), Dancing With the Stars will premiere to fill my guilty pleasure void!

Tonight on ABC/CTV at 8pm, the 2 hour premiere of the third season of Dancing with the Stars! With "celebrities" like Mario Lopez (Saved by the Bell), Jerry Springer, Joey Lawrence (Whoa!), and Sara Evans (with controversy already brewing by block voting support rallied by someone I just don't even want to name cause it's so pathetic).

Also tonight, ABC/City previews Men in Trees at 10:02pm (why "previews"? if you're showing it, then aren't you premiering it? why 10:02? You think just cause we are watching Dancing with the Stars, we can't switch channels 2 minutes later) starring Anne Heche. I have nothing against her and actually kinda like her (bonus points for being on Everwood) but word out is that this is (cough RIPOFF) Northern Exposures type show just doesn't really feel real and seems way too contrived. I already have too much so this is not really calling me but I might check it out when it repeats Fridays since theres nothing else to tape that day.

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