Monday, October 30, 2006

The Amazing Race - The Final 6 and We Aren't Even in November Sweeps Yet

I Covered His Mouth, Oh My Gosh!,
Maybe Steven Segal Will See Me and Want Me to Be in One of His Movies,
I Wonder if This is Going to Make My Fingers Pickle

So over the last three weeks, our racers have gone from India, where they learned to drive, Kuwait, where they learned to climb a big ball in the sky, to Mauritius (More-ish-us people, not More-it-tea-us) where they learned that finding a saltshaker in a pile of salt is harder than one might think.

If this season can be defined by anything, it is that these people's driving skills suck, whether it be getting lost (like Druggie Models this week), getting stalled (like Dysfunctional Couple Rob and Kimberly, taking over the long line of couples-that-were-not-meant-to-be like Tara & Weasal and Victoria & Jonathan (who apparently just had a baby. Scary)), or getting crashed (like the Barbies, who waver back and forth between being a team I want to win to a team I want to choke on their own bulemia). No wonder they built in a driving school lesson into the race during the India portion.

Meanwhile, the Black Mama's continue their enemy making journey (I mean, I was kinda on your side about the tickets at the Kuwait airport but you COULD smile every once in a while), and the Six Pack fall behind after giving up on the Saltshakers (NOOOO). The Bumpkins end up in last place and for the second time, luck out that they hit last place during the non-elimination round (which you KNEW was going to happen since we only have 6 teams left and we haven't even enterered into November Sweeps yet).

Peter and Sarah were bumped off last week and broken up since (Peter alone could have competed for the couples-that-were-not-meant-to-be prize but luckily Sarah was pretty nice and didn't scream back as much). Also at this count, I think we've only had 2 title episodes now that aren't quotes from Mary? Give this woman a sitcom!

So at this point, I'm of course rooting for the Bumpkins. The Cho brothers are growing more likable, while the Black mama's aren't. I'm still undecided about the Barbies, as it would be nice to have an only female team win but this one? The Druggie Models aren't as horrible as I hoped they would (except at the Kuwait airport) but I'm still against them winning just based on principal. Rob and Kimberly meanwhile will not make it to the end of the race because I think one is going to strangle the other before they hit back onto American soil. Now the question is who will strangle who first?

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