Monday, October 02, 2006

The Amazing Race - Oh, Wow! It's like one of those things you see on TV!

How much do we love Mary?

Okay. So maybe I stereotyped the Bumpkins for stereotyping everyone else whereas they've seem to have become closest friends with Erwin and Godwin, Tom and Terry, and Lyn and Karlyn, or as stereotyped: the Asian brothers, the Gay boyfriends, and the Black Mama's. Also described as the backpack, though Erwin and Godwin finally lived up to their names and won this leg of the race (shockingly. I still think they're complete idiots but at least trying to be nice, if not a little californian bubbleheaded).

They race through Vietnam, make coal (Coalminer David: "This ain't real coal. Ours is hard. Theirs is mud.") and in the end, Duke and Lauren, the father lesbian daughter team, who were going to make coal but found themselves at the birdcage (is that a gay slight there?) making detour challenge and thus stayed, were last to arrive, despite Tom and Terry not fully reading the clue and jumping on motorbikes during a part of the trip and incurring a 30 minute time penalty.

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