Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Boston Legal - Boxing Match of the TV Icons

With Carol Vessey, Murphy Brown, Captain Kirk, Jack Devereaux already on the roster ( plus James Spader of course).

Then they bring back Alex P. Keaton, Magnum P.I., and Rose Nylund.

Plus they introduce Peg Bundy into the mix? All within the first 3 episodes?

Is this where TV Icons go to win yet another Emmy? Or even great character actors like Christian Clemenson and Rene Auberjonois? Plus adding Craig Beirko to the mix? Who may have just found the prefect outlet for his zanniness (which could always be a little annoying like his character in Sex and the City)

Meanwhile, kudos again to Ashton Holmes who was great in last years A History of Violence for holding his own against all the above as Scott Little, who had an affair with a judge who was found murdered. Kudos also to Meredith Eaton as Bethany Horowitz for doing a lovely role as a dwarf lawyer who must deal with Denny Crane.

I really do love this quirky show that balances absolute insanity with controversial cases but you gotta give Boston Legal's casting agent a raise.

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