Monday, October 02, 2006

Everwood - From the Very Beginning

Everwood, which climbed through my personal ratings from half decent show to watch to finally this year, taking the Best TV show spot of the year (toping Lost, Veronica Mars, The Office and others... see sidebar), is starting all over on ABC Family tonight at 6pm and every weeknight at 6pm.

This is one show that just got better and better throughout the seasons (minus the little hiccup of druggie boy in Season 2 and the Anne Heche love affair in Season 3) but trust me on this in that it is possibly the best family drama EVER (yes, above Once and Again) and NOT in a 7th Heaven horrible sachrine amoral way. It was real, charming, gritty yet comfortable.

I know many of you have said... it looks really cheesy and bad and traditional boring family drama. Yes, on the surface, but it is anything BUT. It has real issues and real consequences the people are not always doing good things but try to be good people, but they make mistakes and we watch the fallout. There's no easy solutions wrapped up over one episode (at least with the main characters) and resolutions make take a few episodes (or seasons) but it definitely became the most emotionally involved show on my roster, all done with humour and pathos.

In Canada, Vision TV on Saturdays at 8pm, Mondays at 8pm and 12 midnight.

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