Monday, October 23, 2006

The Fray at the Koolhaus - Concert Review

Saw Denver, CO band The Fray in concert Saturday night at the Koolhaus in Toronto. Pretty good concert for generally a very strong album which has kinda exploded ever since Grey's Anatomy took the song "How to Save a Life" as their big promo push this summer (even though Scrubs used it first). The lead singer Isaac Slade does not have a smooth voice and yet somehow makes it work REALLY well with the songs, and which makes The Fray sound like it does. "Over My Head (Cable Car)" is one of my favorite songs of this year, and again, the entire album How to Save a Life has been on repeat for me since the spring, so it was nice to hear that the band actually sound like the recorded version live on stage. Their was a little diversion when they presented one of their (young) roadies (? PA's?) Steven with a cake and booze for his 21st birthday (which was sort of negated by the fact that he was in Ontario already where he could have started drinking 2 years ago) but it was amusing nonetheless.

The opening act The Feeling didn't suck, considering I usually expect opening acts to, though I've never heard of them and still can't find their website but basically a UK band that sounds 80's rock britpopish.

Here's some pics from the night:


Anonymous said...

They sound amazing, cant wait to go in november! Looking at the photo i'd say the support band is 'The Feeling' not 'the freedom'.

vance said...

Oh my goodness. I corrected that. I even KNEW that they were The Feeling... man... what was I on when I wrote that posting? anyways, yeah. Love The Feeling now. And The Fray are really good live.

Anonymous said...

it actually says the freeling haha. a mix of freedom and feeling

vance said...

hmm. that was weird. I was so sure I corrected that. Oh well. maybe I was drunk or something...;

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