Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Friday Night Lights - Git'Er Done

Coach Taylor must finally choose whether to start the unlikeable Voodoo or the beloved underdog Saracen at the next Friday game. He knows he must choose Voodoo to guarantee a delivery, but it comes back to haunt him as Voodoo decides to play his own game and thus giving the opposing team a touchdown. Saracen is thrown in, and of course the underdog saves the day. Yet this little cliché totally works in Friday Night Lights and I'm totally buying the whole thing. Plus at this point, with all the misery going around the town of Dillon (Saracen's grandmother, Jason Streets recovery, Tim Riggin's ... being Tim Riggin's), they deserved something good at this point and so do we as viewers. (Plus I'm sure they are going to set us up by the end of the season where Saracen finally works his way up to confident enough QB just as Jason Street's recovers well enough to come back to the game, but I'm totally fine with that and in fact respect that they are taking Street's recovery slowly and seriously).

Meanwhile, a new man in town, Connor (played by Patrick J. Adams, who was devastating as Jack's gay friend who commits suicide in Jack & Bobby), shows up to seduce the all-knowing Tyra. Kinda a creepy storyline and a little sad but I guess that's the point. Luckily since it was Patrick J. Adams playing Connor, I went with it, plus seeing Tyra a bit unhinged gives her some depth we haven't really seen yet from her.

Saracen and Julie seem to have a moment after he helps win the game, but the gaming commission begins an investigation into Voodoo's eligibility, the same eligibility Coach Taylor had questioned before which may not backfire on the team due to Buddy Garrity's insistence on acquiring Voodoo.

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