Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Gilmore Girls - That's What You Get, Folks, For Makin' Whoopee

Quick recap: Luke goes to Christopher's and punches him out (and that's what you get, folks, for makin' whoppee). Lane is back from her honeymoon with Zach and dislikes sex. Luke tries to fix his diner with T.J., while Kirk opens up his own diner "Kirk's", causing frustrations for Luke. Lorelai throws Rory her Asia trip at home, but then Rory overhears a phone message from Christopher revealing all that happened over the past 3 days and makes Rory furiously storm out. Rory runs to Lane where Lane has just discovered after one bad sexual experience (proving her mother right, according to Lane) that she's pregnant (and that's what you get, folks, for makin' whoppee). Luke has diner at his sister Liz's place where she basically puts in his head that Luke and Lorelai would never have worked out because they were always in different phases of life. Luke and Lorelai bump into each other at a supermarket with more awkwardness and Luke telling Lorelai that while he is still mad, he will eventually get over it. Close on Lorelai crying on the couch at home and Rory finally back to comfort her (um, and that's what you get, folks, for makin' whoppee).

Okay. So... I actually do like where the storyline is going (and reading the recap for next week, I do approve). I somehow feel that while Dan Rosenthal has almost nicely copied the rhythm of Gilmore Girls, it's still just a slight beat off, including the dialogue, which feels somehow manically forced. The actors look like they are trying harder to pull it off, which I didn't notice before because Amy Sherman-Palladino's dialogue was quick and dense but always smooth. Or are we just being harsher on Dan cause he's crazy?

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