Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Heroes - Don't Look Back

The second part of what was really a two part opener (or as they clearly mark, Chapter Two), we continue our introductions into our heroes from where we left off, and we finally include Greg Grunberg (above), who finally seems to have been able to find a job without the help of buddy JJ Abrams.

Greg plays Matt Parkman who is a cop that can hear the inner thoughts of the people around him, but unfortunately hears the voice of a little girl hidden in a house where the mother was murdered (in a way WAY too Saw like, and I'm not saying that in a good way). He finds the girl, but the doubts of the investigators around him of all his knowledge gets him arrested by Clea Duvall.

Most importantly, we follow back to Hiro who lands in Times Square, finds the "9th Wonders" comic book that tells the tale of him, looks for the author, and finds a man with his head cut open and brain missing, just before the cops come in and bust him for the murder of artist Isaac Mendez (I think). Except, when they call Japan to verify Hiro's story, it is actually 5 weeks after he teleported from Japan, Nov. 8th to be exact (oh, look. Novemeber Sweeps), and the massive destruction of the city just about starts before Hiro wills himself back to the subway in Japan on Oct. 2nd.

There's more about Ali Larter's deadly stripper, and Milo and Adrian as the brothers, blah blah blah. We find out cheerleaders dad has the tape of her "accidents" and that he is up to no good, and that Mohinder Suresh's dad had discovered something (the way to find all the "heroes" I assume?)

I like the nice dark comic book look to the whole show but found that some of the images (the murdered mother hung on the stairs, the head chopped off the guy) were far too graphic for a show on primetime. I don't want to sound like the evil FCC or those Family Christian groups that want anything but Barney the Dinosaur left on television, but those scenes had definitely gone a little too far.

I was glad to see Matt Lanter employed again as the jock football player. It's always nice to know that someone who appeared on Manhunt: The Search for America's Most Gorgeous Male Model can still get work afterwards. I'm still shocked he ended up on Commander in Chief last year as Oscar winner Geena Davis' son.


Liz said...

Man, watching this show is totally like watching an awesome movie--I've been really impressed by the cinematography so far.

But yeah, last night it WAS kinda like watching a really awesome horror movie at times, which I have no problem with, but could see being an issue for the faint of heart/young of age.

vance said...

Yes issues with people like me. Im scared! ha! I don't do movies like Saw or Hostel. No thank you!

Still, exciting premise and wonderfully shot so I'm intrigued.

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