Monday, October 02, 2006

How I Met Your Mother - Brunch

We find out WHY Ted decides to tell his kids EVERYTHING about How he Met their Mother when Ted's parents (the father played by "Steven Keaton" Michael Gross) are invited to NY by Ted for their 30th anniversary. If Ted would overexplain everything, it was to compensate his parents for avoiding any explanation at all, including revealing that... surprise, they had been divorced for months, and separated for about 2 years.

Watching Barney out-suckup Robin to Ted's mother, Marshall and Lily deal with the aftermath of their separation while teasing each other sexually, and Robin wanting Ted's parents to love her filled out the side stories, always hilarious, somehow heartfelt.

All of this was basically a great way to finally explain the whole premise of the show, and to also throw in the loop that Ted and Robin might not truly be made for each other (since they reflected exactly the same thing Ted's parents were like).

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