Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I've Had The Time of My Life at Musicals

Dirty Dancing: The Musical opens in London's West End. Yes. Nobody, including Brits, puts Baby in the Corner. (Pic is from the German production)

Les Mis re-opens with a (Broadway) all-star cast. Looks hot.

Don't forget, Evil Dead The Musical opens officially next Monday Oct. 30th. Just in time for Halloween.

And High School Musical: The Concert was just announced (though sans Zac Efron. What's the point? Granted since he didn't really actually SING it... Though he is also in Toronto already filming Hairspray The Musical). Still, I ADORE Lucas Grabeel's voice.

Always loved Duncan Sheik ("The Winds That Blow" (I know, sounds dirty, it isn't) is one of the most beautiful songs EVER) and cannot WAIT for Spring Awakening to open on Broadway (previously Off-Broadway this year). This looks really really hot.

And don't forget Company, with it's new John Doyle direction with actors doubling as musicians, much like he did with Sweeney Todd, which sadly I missed.

Plus, I've been told Mary Poppins is actually quite good, and while there was the disaster that was Tarzan, there was also the beauty of Lion King (though that can be attributed to director Julie Taymor). Still, this pic alone makes me want to see it:


Liz said...

Spring Awakening is SO GREAT. I'm not sure what they'll do with it for a Broadway-sized space, but I saw it over the summer and absolutely LOVED it. Such a talented young cast, too!

And my mom saw the original version of that production of Company when it was in Cincinatti, and says it's fabulous (not surprising, since his Sweeney Todd was the first production of that show that I've seen which has actually done something interesting with the concept).

How much do I wish I could go to NY and see Evil Dead? Hmm...combined with Company, maybe a trip up there is in order...

vance said...

Man. I need to go AGAIN. Already going next week to check a few shows out. Wow? Your mom already saw Company in Cincinatti? Hey, check the Playbill club for discounts, there are some for Company and Evil Dead right now I think (also from the NY Times Theatre club. all free).

Liz said...

Yeah, well, my mom actually lives in Ohio, so it was a lucky break for her. I was SO jealous!

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