Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Premiering Tonight - Tues. Oct 3rd

Friday Night Lights premieres on NBC/Global at 8pm tonight. I could care less about football. This show made me care. One of the strongest new shows this year, both in style and content.

and... FINALLY... VERONICA MARS is BACK!!! One of my faves, now on The CW and FINALLY in Canada, on SUN TV at 9pm tonight. If it takes me one by one to force you down and watch this show and love it, I will (and have, and all you people I've forced to watch the DVD's. Was I wrong? NO. Of course not. Spread the word people!)

1 comment:

jeremy said...

It started slowly. First me during the end of season 1. Then I passed it onto one of my roommates. Then another.
Now the girl I watch Gilmore Girls with is hooked.
Veronica Mars even referenced my fave show Battlestar Galactica. Damn fine show.

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