Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Smith - Two & Three

For a show about the nefarious world of heists, using fast cars, fast technologies and extremely intricately planned robberies, the title of the show and the title of the episodes (Ep. 2 was called Two, Ep. 3 was called Three... you get the picture) sure are a little boring.

I'm still intrigued by what Hope (Virginia Madsen) knows and what her whole story is, even though little has still been revealed except that she's in therapy and parole for some drug usage charge, and that she suspects, or knows all? something about Bobby's (Ray Liotta) second career as leader of a bunch of bandits. I'm still confused to how much she actually knows and if she's in on it, helping the feds or just discovering it now.

Annie's (Amy Smart) mistake for tazering the passerby from the pilot is slowly coming to haunt her, as is the frighteningly psychopathic Jeff's (Simon Baker, above, was he REALLY the same nice guy we loved from The Guardian? Really?) slaying of the two Hawaiian surfers. The death of Sean in the pilot is slowly starting to unravel as Macy wonders where he disappeared to, and his gambling debts come back to track him down.

I'm still wondering why the hell I'm watching a show about horrible people committing horrible acts (and unlike Prison Break where at least most of the people seemed to be written with an excuse to their actions, so far on Smith, none have except for the pursuit of money). Only Jonny Lee Miller's Tom seems a little repentant, and Franky G's Joe is somewhat caring to Sean's family (though what was with that makeout session?). The feds are on their tails but so far I'm not really sure who I should be rooting for, other than Virginia Madsen, although I can listen to Shohreh Aghdashloo (below) anytime speak anything.

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