Tuesday, October 10, 2006

This is what goes on while I'm away at work?

Since I'm still sick, I've finally gotten to check out the new daytime TV.

Still haven't check out The Rosie O'Donnell View yet but will surely check it out tomorrow, but caught some of Rachael Ray and The Megan Mullaly Show, a brief moment of Tyra, Maury Povich and the best of it all, Fashion House (shown in the afternoons here in Canada).

First of all, was Tyra always this trashy? I've never seen the show before, but it was much ho-ier than I thought it would be. Also, when did Maury Povich try to copy Jerry Springer? As you can tell, I probably need more time off from work to couch potato.

I'm actually one of those people that ADORE Rachael Ray. I loved her 30-minute-meal show, and her $40-a-day travel show. Um, but as talkshow host? Maybe it was because it was Italian Mob day? But I found her loud and grating, and I had to turn away.

Meanwhile, Megan Mullaly is slightly awkward and feels a bit embarrassing to watch or something? No? Like it's a bit too revealing when she sits so close and comfortably to her guests? Or maybe it was just with Isaiah Washington.

Meanwhile, can I continue to praise how godawfully funny Fashion House is? Can Bo Derek say her lines more slowly? I can't seem to turn away!

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