Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ugly Betty - Queens for a Day

First of all, how busy is Ron Canada? First he's re-occuring as a judge on Boston Legal, as a love-interest on Weeds, and now as Wilhelmina's father on Ugly Betty?

Daniel wins kudos for his first issue as editor-in-chief of Mode, but now needs to break out of his brother Alex's shadow and try to make actual decisions to put a stamp on Mode. Betty manages to re-connect with photographer Vincent Bianchi who cut off ties with Meade publications due to his inability to work with Alex. Both coming from Queens, growing up within blocks from each other, Betty uses her down-home charms on him and with her honesty and groundedness, manages to get him interested in working with Daniel.

Meanwhile, Betty finally succombs to getting a makeover, a makeover we've all sort of expected from these Cinderella stories, but what we don't expect is that the makeover manages to make her look like a tarted up Charo (I know. Redundant). So in the end, it still doesn't fall into the looks of Mode magazine and Betty is leftback again.

Things go well, Betty saves the day... yada yada... but I like the moments Betty and Daniel have together where they both realise their mistakes and learn their little lesson, only it doesn't feel as nauseating as a Full House episode. Betty's little dance with Justin and her moments with her sister Hilda are joyous to watch as well. Though not as wonderful as seeing Vanessa Wiliiams diva it all up as Wilhelmina, lose it as Wilhelmina's father shows up, diva it up again, then lose it again (as Marc takes away the glass vase) on her awards.

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