Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Amazing Race - All Stars Edition

YES. I knew it! Okay. Survivor: All Star sucked but mainly cause everyone was already friends and didn't want to backstab each other (except Rob who basically manipulated his way to get him and Amber all the way to the end). Big Brothers: All Stars sucked mainly cause the people we love (Janelle, Kaysar, Howie) didn't win (because James stupidly betrayed them) and they were ganged up from the beginning. Plus they let in some losers into the house (Mike Boogie and ... I don't even remember her name right now? the whore girlfriend... whatever... ERIKA... should have never been in the house in the first place, though ditto with Amber on Survivor).

So here comes news that the next The Amazing Race will be an All Star edition. I've been burned before but I'm still excited. Since you really can't form alliances (despite what the Cho brothers think), any outside friendships can only help you so far (though I have to give it to Rob that some of his moves were quite brilliant).

So here's my WISH LIST of who I would want on the race (which apparently has already begun but I don't know who is on it yet). The first list are those that BETTER be on. The second are others I wouldn't mind having on. (I didn't put Rob and Amber on the list since apparently they are on and I figure there's no 15 minutes they can turn down anyways).

Emily and Nancy (Season 1) (though I will also take Emily and Brennan from Season 1's showmance)
Kevin and Drew (Season 1)
Team Cha Cha Cha - Danny and Oswald (Season 2)
Blake and Paige (Season 2)
John Vito and Jill (Season 3)
Jon and Al (Season 4) (Although since Jon is running the commentaries on the CBS Amazing Race website, I guess he's not already racing. Damnit)
Kris and Jon (Season 6)
Lynn and Alex (Season 7)
Ray and Yolanda (Season 9)
David and Mary (Season 10)

Frank and Margeritte (Season 1)
Tara and Weasel (er. Will) (Season 2)
Mary and Peach (Season 2)
Derek and Drew (Season 3)
Arianne and Aaron (Season 3)
Dennis and Andrew (Season 3)
Linda and Karen (Season 5)
Lori and Bolo (Season 6)
Meredith and Gretchen (Season 7)
David and Lori (Season 9)



Honey Bunny said...

i'm SO GLAD you didn't wish for Rob and Amber to be on All Stars. i hate them with a passion.

vance said...

Well, if you saw my new posting today, sadly, they will be on. But in a way, gives us a good evil team to root against. (Along with Team Guido). You have to admit though, Rob was mightily clever on the last race so I have to give him props still despite being a reality whore.

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