Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Amazing Race - Pretty Boys and Cheery Girls

Being Polite Sucks Sometimes

From Maritius to Madagascar, teams are forced to team up and the Barbies still beat the fast forward teams, Pretty Boy Druggie Models and Disfuctional Rob and Kimberly, to Phil. Sadly, we lose the lovable Bumpkins Mary and David since they arrived second-last but incurred their 30 minute penalty from the previous leg. This leg ends with basically a "to be continued" with Druggie Pretty Boy Models in the lead after rapelling off the Olympic tower in Finland, going down a mineshaft and getting stuck in some mud.

So now, who are we left with? Lyn and Karlyn are still too bitchy and just got lucky being caught up in the backpack thus grouped together with the lovable underdogs. Cho brothers were dimwits to start but at least seem really nice, too nice and too polite (which apparently sucks sometimes) thus dimwits as I had originally thought (and still stuck in their "alliance"). Druggie Models should not win just based on principles that I've had enough of good-looking guy-only teams winning (Rob and Brennan, Boston Boys, Chip and Reichen) and that these ex-druggies don't deserve it considering they pulled out of "the life" by being pretty. I would love an only-girls team to win and the Barbies are usually cheery but sometimes they are just a little bit to evil for my taste (leaving their smashed green car for another team by taking someone else's? That's just rude and wrong). Rob and Kimberly are just plain disfunctional so please no.

Usually the best parts of the race are when the teams go to asian countries where the culture and languages are so different it throws all the teams off. Usually the best part of the show are when we are down to the finaly 5 or 6 teams, and it used to culminate with them being in Asia, but since this race finally reversed it, we already got the best part of the race. Sigh, and this season was going so well, but now who am I going to root for?

I think I'm down between Cho's and Barbies but both are still "On Notice".

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