Monday, November 13, 2006

Brothers and Sisters - Rebecca

Northern Exposure
Mistakes Were Made, Part 1

Seriously, Brothers and Sisters is quickly becoming one of my favourite shows PERIOD. New or old. Man, has this show changed really quickly over the past few episodes. Now if the rumours are true and they can get Emily Van Camp (Amy from Everwood) as Rebecca, the newly discovered half Walker sister (to the already addition of Treat Williams (Andy from Everwood)) I'm going to give this show my full complete devoted support! (Even if it isn't true, the show is getting awfully close... loving the melodramatics interplayed with some nice humouress moments. Not as layered as Everwood but with Greg Berlanti's help, it sure is getting there as a nice replacement as I mourn Everwood's loss).

I mean, even the obvious set up in Northern Exposure, where each member of the Walker clan ends up secretly going to their cabin in the woods for a romantic evening only to find the entire family there, was still hilarious and genuinely amusing. Love the romantic troubles between Kevin (Matthew Rhys) and Scotty (Luke MacFarlane), love the bubbling romance between matriarch Nora (Sally Field) and contractor David (Treat Williams, though I think I now miss the hideous beard), love Thomas' baby making problem and still enjoying Dave Annable as Justin Walker acting up a storm to keep up with the rest of the cast and fairy quite well.

I feel that Ron Rifkin and Patricia Wettig are still back in different show (Alias?) conspiring against something, but if it brings in Emily Van Camp, I'll let this story go.

Love that Keri Lynn Pratt's Amber has become more than just a one-note character and soon we will get a showdown between Rob Lowe and Josh Hopkins for Kitty's affections. I'm enjoying watching Sarah (Rachel Griffiths) being all motherly with her surly step-teenage son (played by the adorable little boy Tyler Posey that played Jennifer Lopez's son in Maid in Manhattan, now partially grown up).

So people, after Friday Night Lights, this is the next new show I am recommending!

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