Sunday, November 19, 2006

Desperate Housewives - Dirty Men and Beautiful Girls

Beautiful Girls

Gabrielle was supercute teaching little regular girls about modelling, and realizing she excels at teaching the girls about confidence and attitude, but slips them so gossip about dieting and Gomorrah which the kids don't understand as a warning but use it as advice.

Carlos tells Mike that they were best friends so that he can move in while he gets booted from Gabrielle's place. Tom joins in on the new boys club so that they can watch football on the big screen, but Mike questions them to what he used to be like. Which was basically dark and mysterious.

Much like the new neighbour Art (Matt Roth who is married in real life to the woman he knocks out at the supermarket, Laurie Metcalf) , or so Lynette thinks. Seems nice on the outside, but Lynette is convinced he's a pedophile but the evidence in the basement is gone, so Lynette uses Mrs. McCluskey to pass on the dirty gossip. I'm actually intrigued at how they are going to explain those questionable boy photos.

Susan finally stays at Ian's mansion and meets Rupert, the condescending butler who does NOT accept Susan and points out that Ian's devotion to his wife still extends to leaving all her stuff exactly as they were, until Susan convinces Ian to slowly move on, and giving her some drawer space.

Finally, Bree tries to help out Orson's mom find a place to live while trying to convince Orson that she should really be staying with them. Finally at one of Bree's famous dinners where everything blows up, Orson's mom reveals that Orson knew dead woman Monique and Bree is shocked at the dark revelation and throws him out. Loved that Andrew extorted Orson's mom with some alcohol for some cash.

Mike tries to burry his toolbox in the forest but get's caught by the cop on his tail (Ernie Hudson straight out from the 70's).

The few floating mysteries, the dark past of Mike's, the dark past of Orson, and the possible dark past of Art, are actually mysterious and intriguing this year and Desperate Housewives finally seems to have shaken off it's sophomore slump aura.

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Liz said...

Agreed--cheers to the end of the Sophomore Slump for Desperate Housewives! And also to the return of Andrew's awesomeness! ("You can forget the codeine.")

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