Sunday, November 12, 2006

Desperate Housewives - Back with a Bang

Children and Art

Okay, Bang, the much ballyhoo'd episode with the supermarket shootout was absolutely fantastic and was not a letdown (unlike Borat the Movie). The episode was filled with laughs within a tense and heartfelt (hmm... I'm using that word a lot nowadays aren't I?) episode that gave every actor time to shine within their characters, including Nora, who was so shockingly quickly shot by Carolyn Bigsby (Laurie Metcalf in one of the many Emmy-worthy roles within this episode).

The war of the Solis' raged on in hilarity until the hostage taking happened. So great to see Bree perfectly host a hostage-watch that included hors-d'heuvres, until she realises that it was her gossip that sent Carolyn Bigsby into her murderous rage at the grocery store. The incident sends Julie and badboy Austin together, and the Lynette and Nora argue until Lynette reveals Nora's relationship to Tom when Carolyn shoots Nora point blank. Lynette goes into a rage, but the new neighbour saves the day (the new neighbour that bought the Young's residence).

In Children and Art, Gabrielle tries to go back to modelling only to learn she no longer is the Diva on set, while Bree learns of Orson's mother (the always welcomed Dixie Carter) who seems to hold a secret upon Orson. Susan is upset that her daughter Julie is with Austin as well as Mike being with Edie. The police continue their case on Mike, while Lynette discovers a creepy basement that seemingly points the new neighbour as a pedophile.

Still, let's get back to Bang, which was probably the best episode since the Pilot, and one of the best episode's of television period in Desperate Housewives climb back to its first season's quality (still not there but getting very close).

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