Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Friday Night Lights - El Accidente

One of Saracen's friends gets beat up by hothead football defencemen Bobby Reyes after derogatory words were thrown by Voodoo at the diner shop, but as high school status quo dictates, the footballer gets off scott free while the blame is laid on the innocent bystandered who happened to be in the way (though after muttering the truthful statement that it's only football in the end).

Tim takes Jason Street on a road trip escaping from the rehabiliation centre for a day, and Lyla succombs and joins them as they re-evaluate their initial goals to include the frustrations of Jason's new injured reality.

Coach and Buddy Garrity are cleared of any wrong doing with the Voodoo recruiting incident, basically because the evaluator is a friend of Buddy's. Coach however continues to keep Voodoo from his QB position leaving Saracen at the helm.

Saracen and best friend Landry aren't speaking because of the beating incident, as Saracen slowly starts changing into a full fledged football jock/asshole. Saracen finally grows some cajones and admits to Coach (whose wife Tami never believed Reyes' side of the story to begin with) that the incident was in fact Bobby Reyes' fault, and Coach Taylor follows through as a true leader, kicking Bobby off the team.

In the end, Jason Street is brought back to the rehabilitation centre only to catch a glimpse of Lyla and Tim hugging awfully close in a brilliantly simple shot where they camera pans through the window, back to Jason's reflection on the window and back through it to below where the secret is revealed to Jason.

Um, can this show get any better? I thought it was already great but this episode just topped it all. I don't cry usually (except for the Everwood finale) but my eyes watered a bit when Saracen confessed to Coach Taylor about what he knew of the El Accidente. The entire episode was dramatic yet the realism made all the more impact.

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