Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Friday Night Lights - Shades of Gray

Crossing the Line

Smash needs money to buy the gymbo drug pack. Jason Street confronts Lyla and Tim Riggins. Saracen helps Smash get a job, only to have Smash's dishonesty bite him back. Julie finally accepts an offer for a date with Saracen, much to the chagrin of the Taylor's, and Billy shows his parental colours as he tries to forge a future for an ungrateful Tim.

Except, everything I said above had much more shades of gray than plotlines would sound. Smash needs the money after the previous week's horrible plays, but is struck with a sense of shock, awe and a twinge of greed when his church donates a pool of money to help his career (they all think it's for his SAT tutorials).

Billy and Tim's survival, despite the absent parents (and cheques from dad), is tainted in Tim's misery while Billy forges on with male bravado, all a facade to hide the scars. That finale scene at home by the counter practically got me in tears (which is usually a rare occurrence but already happened a few times from this show).

The Taylor parents were hilarious in their pursuit to get Julie not to date a football player, even if it is Saracen.

Things finally comes to blows when Jason Street confirms Lyla is cheating with Tim (even though they broke it off and Lyla catches Tim with Tyra). Jason punches Tim out after an intense murderball game, where Jason seemed to accept a bit more of his tragic fate.

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