Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Friday Night Lights - Smash Mouth


Smash learns more about the scouting process and gets his nerves shot from it, despite his big confident mouth. Tyra plans a anti-homecoming party with Tim's loser brother Billy to make some serious cash with the help of her stripper sister and friends. Jason Street makes his triumphant return to the football field as the honorary Panthers leader and Tim stops drinking after Lyla makes a comment about it. Jason is suspicious of Tim and Lyla but the blowout will happen next episode.

The 2000 champ Lucas Mize returns home only to ask Coach Taylor in desperation for a job, since his life took a turn downward after his high school football star years.

Smash fumbles the homecoming game, with Tim saving the day. It leads Smash to seek some help in the form of a needle and vial (I'm guessing steriods?).

So we finally learn more about Smash but in doing so, we get little of Saracen, the heart of this show, and the little of Jason Street isn't enough to compensate. Tyra is still left on the outskirts of all the storylines, while Taylor rants a bit too reverend-like this time.

Oh, but the good news which I forgot to mention, is that NBC (despite the low ratings) has picked up a full season of Friday Night Lights!!! WOOHOO!!!

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