Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Gilmore Girls - Cognac and Crème Brûlée

Go, Bulldogs!

It's parents day weekend at Yale and Christopher wants to act as Rory's Father again dragging Lorelai to the embarrass-your-kid event, where they encounter Emily (I'm still shocked to find out Kelly Bishop played Sheila in the original cast of A Chorus Line on Broadway) and Richard already at the precedings.

Christopher tries to make up for all the lost years of fatherhood by inviting Rory's newspaper staff to an expensive lunch with a finale of Cognac and Crème Brûlée but before they reach deserts, a newsworthy incident sends the drunk staff back to work at Rory's command.

Meanwhile, Luke takes up swimming lessons for April's sake and we definitely find out that Scott Patterson is balding but still looks like a truck and hasn't lost much of his former Baseball playing days. Luke inadvertently goes on a date with the coach instructor which begins and continues disasterously at a vegan restaurant. Kirk is given advice to hang on to Lulu for dear life by the No-One-Cares-What-You-Do Luke after Kirk contemplates dumping her for stiffling him.

Christopher and Lorelai continue to play couple as we lead into their big Paris trip (ahem...) while Sookie uses the vegetables of a Jackson rival only to disapointedly have made her best Ratatouille ever. Michel wants to be called Captain and Lane bonds with April.

Cute episode, seems to be moving along to the big Paris surprise (it IS November Sweeps you know) and while the stacato verbal diaharea was not as clunky as past episodes this year, I still feel it's trying a little too hard with getting it "clever".

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