Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Gilmore Girls - Hayden's Girls

Introducing Lorelai Planetarium

It's the aftermath of the quickly-decided Parisian marriage between Lorelai and Christopher as they tell Rory who gets angry at Lorelai after the news.

Logan returns from London and throws a big launch party (with Bobby and the other fake-accented British partners (again, worst. accents. this. side. of. Madonna (special on NBC tonight at 8pm by the way)). Rory writes a piece about the party for a nice guy she meets there (who was adorable if not completely a waif, just when I was thinking, will they cast ANYBODY at the party who isn't larger than a 30" waist size?). Rory's snarky piece ends up making Logan extremely angry and calls her out for being a hypocrite living free under his roof and living the high life while bearing judgement against all the other trust-fund kids.

Christopher is excited to move into Lorelai's, changing up Rory's room for Gigi, and forcing Lorelai to accept that things won't stay the same, and convincing all of us that it may just be a good thing.

April gets an appendicitis and Luke frantically calls Lorelai for help. She shows up at the hospital where Luke finds out she's married after accidentally seeing the wedding ring and was probably the best (and kinda shocking despite the quietness of it all) moment of the entire episode (if not season?).

Lorelai tracks down Rory and they finally make amends once Lorelai realises she's mad at not being invited to the wedding and not the marriage itself, while Rory realises she would have talked Lorelai out of it. Lorelai also keeps her maiden name Gilmore thank god, though it actually never even occurred to me that Rory would have technically been a Hayden if things turned out differently back when Lorelai was 16 years old.

Cute episode but I can't wait until Emily and Richard find out! Will they be overjoyed or pissed off that Emily couldn't plan a huge showy gathering for it? And of course the sparks between Luke and Lorelai are still there so it's countdown to February Sweeps now (though again, I think the sparks between Luke and Lorelai work better in that will-they-won't-they mode rather than actually being together (the Moonlighting or Angela Bower and Tony curse) while Christopher and Lorelai work better actually together).

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