Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hereos - Chapter 8

Seven Minutes to Midnight

Okay, I usually don't like watching shows out of order and due to some charity function (damn you needy people!) I fell behind 4 weeks ago and haven't had time to catch up (damn me trying to get a life!) on Heroes.

However, I watched last nights anyways and could pretty much figure what's still going on, and since the new catchphrase of the year is "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World", I was basically all caught up just from buzz alone.

Still enjoy it but doesn't the whole "find the Haitian" thing sound a bit racist somehow? haha.. or is it just complete coincidence?

Hiro's encounter at the diner with the girl who could learn things fast was super cute, and one can only hope he will actually go back in time to save her even though it's going to affect the future.

Love that Chloe Duvall is still around to annoy Matt Parker (Greg Grunberg) and while I'm not an Ali Larter hater, her absence last night was actually a bit refreshing (though so was Milo Ventimiglia and I actually do love him from The Opposite Sex and Gilmore Girls).

I'm a little confused with the whole Mohinder stuff in India (or I'm not really sure I care yet), plus Isaac's drug problem is kinda annoying me to the point where I kinda want to shoot up just to not deal with it, but whatever.

Alright, but seems like I really need to catch up before next week's episode when November Sweeps really seems to take over! Exciting!

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Liz said...

Yeah, I'm loving the Chloe Duvall/Greg Grunberg scenes more and more. And I was totally also rooting for Isaac to shoot up so we could move on to interesting things. Plus, I'd rather have him an addict and save the cheerleader (who is actually an interesting character) than watch more scenes of his angst.

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