Tuesday, November 07, 2006

How I Met Your Mother and The Office

How I Met Your Mother - Aldrin Justice
How I Met Your Mother - Crazy Eyes
The Office - Initiation
The Office - Diwali

First of all on HIMYM - Crazy Eyes (although I think I preferred the original episode title Swarley), the diss on Friends a la the Coffee house with our new friends agreeing that a bar is just more fun was totally hilarious, especially since the place looked awfully similar to Central Perk.

Then there was the mini Whedon reunion when Morena Baccarin (Firefly) guest starred as Chloe, the coffee barista that Marshall finally goes on his first date with, who the boys convince has Crazy Eyes. Meanwhile Lily who really goes crazy when she learns the news chases after Chloe and Marshall with some brief advice from Scott/Brian played by Tom Lenk (ANDREW! on Buffy the Vampire Slayer). I think seeing both those two in addition to regular Alyson Hannigan already made my day and this episode, which was already going from the news that Neil Patrick Harris came out, which somehow makes his womanizing Barney even funnier.

Previously on HIMYM - Aldrin Justice, Bryan Cranston and Jane Seymour guest as crazy adults in our new friends world. Bryan as Ted's crazy architect boss whose big design looked like... well... a big penis in the sky. Jane Seymour plays a crazy hard professor which Barney seeks as his mission to tame the wild cougar, but instead falls prey to her and her expertise. All hilarious stuff and now I see a side of Jane Seymour I never thought the medicine lady would ever have again since her Bond girl days (and does the new Bond movie looked totally excellent or what? Reviews are in from the Brits and its good news!).

Over at The Office, Dwight takes Ryan for a ride in Initiation while Kelly invites the team to a celebration for Diwali where Michael again deems himself worldly enough to teach the rest about the Indian culture (like showing fine leaders like Apu from The Simpsons !?!). Michael proposes to new girlfriend Carol, almost tries to kiss Pam in the most awkward of moments, and Angela is totally appalled by the entire affair, including when Dwight walks in barefoot.

Over at the Stanford office, the group drinks up at work, but Karen is too clever and dumps the alcohol at every shot, leaving Jim and Andy completely wasted. Ah, let the sly flirtations between Jim and Karen continue, even though poor Pam is trying to contact Jim from the Diwali party, where Roy has also shown up (and looking better than ever, don't you think?).

On a side note, I passed by Two and a Half Men and realised that the skinny girl was none other than Less Than Perfect and Popular's Sara Rue. WHAT HAPPENED? She was practically unrecognizable and I'm not sure I liked it. I think I liked slightly heftier Sara Rue (not that she was fat in real world terms by far anyways).

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