Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I Must Go Here

I've been meaning to post this for a while now but now the NY Times has an interesting article about how the Tate Modern got right what the MOMA got wrong (and so true it is).

Meanwhile, the Tate Modern in London has a new exhibition of slides by Carsten Höller as part of their Unilever Series and I MUST GO THERE AT SOME POINT to check it out. Damn it looks fun! Apparently Muiccia Prada has a slide from her office to her parking spot. I would say how Jetsons that is except it's the most basic of engineering based on the simple principal of gravity.

This article is from back in the summer but the building looks pretty beautiful too. Toledo huh? I've passed by before but never stop. Next time I must stop. Perhaps on my way to Cedar Point Park. Next summer? Then again, I've been saying I NEED to go to Cedar Point for the past 15 years and I've never managed to get myself to go, and sorry, Canada's Wonderland just doesn't cut it after you've been on the X at Six Flags Magic Mountain. (Sorry Christina!) Though apparently Cedar Point just bought Wonderland...


duckyxdale said...

I've been to the Tate Modern and its a great place!

vance said...

Oh, I've been to the Tate Modern and yeah, its great! but I want to go on those SLIDES!!! (I'm really just a big kid at heart!)

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