Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Office - I Forgot There Was An A++

The Merger

Scranton absorbs Stanford and Jim comes back, only along with Karen, Andy and a few others. Michael has a welcoming planned which of course annoys everyone, and Andy and Dwight fight over who the second-in-command position is, but ultimately, Jan assigns it to Jim.

I just loved watching all the other office workers (Angela, Stanley, Ryan, Phyllis, Toby etc.) try to deal with the new people. The little rift between Ryan and Jim over Jim's old deskspace, and the underlying tones was amusing, and Pam noticing Karen and Jim's little gestures at each other, was not (but what makes this show so great). Plus finally Dwight has an equally annoying (but hilarious) nemesis in Andy.

Plus Michael makes a video called Lazy Scranton, a few months too late from the phenomenom of Lazy Sunday, as the introduction video for the newbies. I think the Blair Witch ripoff was even funnier.

The video, and the episode: A++ indeed.

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