Friday, November 10, 2006

Ugly Betty & Grey's Anatomy - Meh

Ugly Betty - After Hours
Grey's Anatomy - Where the Boys Are

It's November Sweeps, shouldn't they be pulling out all the stops?

Oh yeah, Salma Hayek is back on Ugly Betty but this time, it separates our favorite characters, Betty, Daniel, Wilhelmina with Marc and Hilda off to different storylines, leaving behind a tepid episode with barely any quotable one liners (I think the funniest thing I laughed at was something Christina said and I don't even remember what it was).

Betty reviewing the posh pretentious hotel should have been classic but ended up being generic. I like Walter. I really do. I think his facial expressions are hilarious. I do NOT think though that Betty and Walter should be together (and this quickly after he dumped her for trampy Gina?). I'm not buying it, cause Betty knows better so I don't think I really bought any of that dinner scene, which should have been a freebie comedic bit.

Wilhelmina sucking it up and becoming Dallas circa 1980 to court a rich Texan for ad dollars seemed like another lost opportunity, probably because she was still trying to win Nico's heart back (though I did like the final scene where she puts together a care package that Nico would actually like). Still, bring on the conniving Wilhelmina back.

Meanwhile, Sofia Reyes plays Daniel like the one-night stands Daniel usually leaves in the dust, and while I'm glad to see Salma donning herself onscreen for this TV show, I'm still not sure how much I bought Sofia sleeping with Daniel, even if she wanted it and had all the empowerment in the relationship.

Hilda seeks out Justin's dad for help with the $5000 needed to pay the lawyer to save Ignacio, and showcases how great Ana Ortiz can move between camp comedy to heartfelt emotions at a switch of a flick.

On Grey's Anatomy, the boys go on a camping trip ending in a hilarious open fisted slap fight between George and Alex Karev that knocks over Joe's boyfriend onto a rock. Burke tries to stitch him up but George notes the trembling in his hand that will seem to be noted next week when George's dad is in the hospital and in need of Burke's help.

Meanwhile, a case about a man getting a sex-change operation from Sloan, but whose hormone pills end up feeding his/her breast cancer, and a young pregnant woman slips and falls breaking her arm, but also killing the baby leads Addison and Callie to bond despite both having slept with Sloan.

Kali Rocha (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Teachers.) was back as the overly ethused doctor, this time to watch over Izzie, while Christina is relegated to poop duty by Bailey after she caught Christina taking Bailey off the Humpty-Dumpty surgery from the previous week basically to cover up Burke inadequacies as a surgeon.

Oh, and McDreamy and Meredith get back together again. Yawn...

Okay. So not a completely terrible episode but my heart just didn't get sucked into it as usual. Maybe I was just having an off-night or something, but while there were some great emotional and dramatic moments, most of them fell to the guest patients while the little (and usually most interesting) moments landed on our favorite doctors except it only furthered the plot slightly.

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