Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Veronica Mars - Is it Ever Worth It?

Lord of the Pi's

Um, Okay, I really want to champion Veronica Mars and everything because it really does deserve more viewers... but... was that it to the big rape case? After all that, it was just a scam those girls pulled to get the greeks out? Though according to imdb, the rape investigation continues, I guess on the rape of Egg man?

Pouty Logan can be cute but it was getting annoying lately so I'm glad he pulled some emotional wails on Veronica demanding her attention with an "I Love You" only the relationship seems to be falling apart more than ever.

Meanwhile Patty Hearst shows up as Selma Rose, daughter of the founder of Hearst College. She then disappears just before her 10 year anniversary to her husband, played by Charles Shaughnnesy (The Nanny). Basically we find out that Hallie (Keri Lynn Pratt, busy as ever here and on Brothers and Sisters) seduced Selma AND her husband, and was planning to run off with him, but not until the married couple past the 10 year mark (which we had learned from Tom and Nicole, is the point where you owe 50% after that point) blackmailing Selma into hiding to that point. Um. Okay.

At least Wallace is back to help Veronica out but were those scenes a bit too over-explained? Veronica seemed extremely stupid in those scenes. I know the writers are trying to dumb the show down to gain a bigger audience but is it worth it? Is it better to have a dumber Veronica Mars than none at all? If Alias proved anything, it isn't worth it, on the other hand, I'm still missing Arrested Development. Seriously, why are we even trying to appease the same people that make Deal, Or No Deal or NCIS a big hit?


Amanda said...

I don't think that's it for the rape; there doesn't seem to be any link with Maeby and the other Hawaiian girl from last season, at least (or are they never going to be spoken of again???).

Scooter said...

The rape case is definately not over. Ronnie just figured out that Claire faked it to blame the frats and they were just a copy-cat head shaving. The real rapist is still on the lose.

vance said...

Oh good cause I was a bit confused. I was like... wha? thats it? it was all faked? But I guess just those recent ones.

Hmm.. apparently Maeby has been signed on to appear at some point this season (and they are trying to work things out with George Michael).

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