Monday, January 15, 2007

Brothers and Sisters - Man Fasting

Sexual Politics
Family Day

What's better than watching the Walker family implode in argument over a family dinner as they seem to do anytime plates are laid on a table or at Justin's therapy sessions in "Family Day"? Watching the Walker family actually laughing and happy as they tease one of their own, like over breakfast after Kevin gets a "workout" from the "straight"-acting soap actor Jason Lewis (Sex and the City) and Tommy gets booted from the bed for not providing a "workout" to the wife. Meanwhile, Sarah has troubles with Joe at home and the stepson, Nora and Kitty go on blind dates (set up by a professional matchmaker). Nora with a big gay man, and Kitty with Jack McCalister, her new boss whom she was trying to distance herself for gossips sake.

The ending of "Sexual Politics" seemed a little anti-climatic with that camera pullback as if it was some John Grisham movie, but loved Kevin's confusion over the bi-soap actor, and love the mother daughter moments between Kitty and Nora, and though Nora's blind date started cringeworthy, it was cute in the end, plus still leaves us open for Treat Williams to come back as the carpenter!

I'm not a Rob Lowe hater but I'm not exactly a fan either but I'm liking him spewing dialect on a Greg Berlanti show. Though I wish they kept on Josh Hopkins as a viable triangle (plus it would also allow us to keep Keri Lynn Pratt as Amber). Then again, I also want them to keep Luke MacFarlane but seems like the show is moving up the actors chain as the series garners more and more viewers.

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