Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Catch Up and TV Just Got Started

Boy, a week goes by fast. Most of the new eps are finally just starting and I'm already falling behind and it's not even February yet. Eeks. Anyways, here's some quick recaps about the past week.

The OC - The Dreamlover
What was with this episode? I felt like I missed half an episode since The French Connection. When did Che come to Newport and become friends with Seth? And Otter dream? what? Was Ryan not saving Taylor from Henri-Michel enough to piss her off THAT much? How did Julie's manservant service become tedious all of a sudden and why does Kiki have to be such a downer about it? Still, it was actually all kinda worth it for the final scene when they explain the Otter as Che in love with Seth. Fantastic! Some gay man love finally on The OC. It's about time.

Ugly Betty - In or Out
Wilhelmina is planning her list of those with her and those with Daniel and Amanda doesn't make the cut. Marc sneaks her a hint to screw over Daniel but instead helps Betty make herself look even better as Betty is brought back to Mode upon Daniel's return. Hilda tries to start a cupcake business to little success, revealing her doubts about being a mother to Justin, while Daniel and Betty share more moments bonding in their weird and wonderful relationship, with Daniel revealing to Betty that Henry totally digs her (and with news that Christopher Gorham being back for the rest of the season and joining the cast for next year, this is GREAT!). Finally, we find out who Wilhelmina SLA-TAH is talking to, and as I suspected, it's GASP! Alex Meade, now Alexis Meade, who looks awfully a lot like Mystique (and if you noticed, Rebecca Romijn is on the main cast list, before Michael Urie as Marc even gets on. That's just WRONG). Meanwhile, Marc and Amanda are simply HILARIOUS as the new Jack and Karen.

The Office - The Return
Oscar is back from his gaycation and Dwight comes back from working at Staples. Plus I just finally found out from reading People magazine (it was free, don't hate me) that Rashida Jones (Karen) is Quincy and Peggy Lipton's daughter. No wonder she's so beautiful.

Scrubs - My Musical
Not as good as Buffy's Once More With Feeling but pretty good still!

Grey's Anatomy - Six Days Part 1 & 2
George's Dad undergoes a surgery that he never really understood and is in a coma and George is pissed off. Izzie anonymously pays for George-Michael's Anne surgery and Bailey pulls her off the case again for being too close. Karev and Addison have a moment, Meredith snores, and Christina goes bonkers while caring for Burke while being ignored at the same time. Still, all I can remember is the REAL Drama behind this show which is too bad...

Men in Trees - History Lessons
Patrick tries to ask Annie to marry him and Lynn decides to stay and takes up Jack's time from Marin (though apparently not in real life as word is James Tupper and Anne Heche are doing it for real, both leaving their spouses... can actors NOT shack up with their co-stars? It's called ACTING). Sarah comes back (Yey) and is getting out of the "hospitality" business.

Desperate Housewives - No fits, No Fights, No Feuds, Not while I'm Around, No Come Play Wiz Me
Alma is back and pyschotically attached to Orson (as well as someone's teeth) causing grief for Bree. Lynette saves the pizzeria before it even opens and then leaves her job to work for Tom. Paul Young befriends Mike in prison for the purpose of reconnecting with Zach. Meanwhile, Zach's rich inheritance lets him spend tons to woo Gabrielle. The whole Orson stuff is getting darker and creepier which is getting good, though I hope they somehow wrap in the Mike and Paul Young stuff back into it.

Brothers and Sisters - Something Ida This Way Comes
Our favorite Happy Days mom Marion Ross plays yet another disliked grandmother (Gilmore Girls, Out of Practice) and comes to wreak havoc at Nora's 60th birthday. Sarah makes the plans but gets sick, leaving Kevin to pick up the pieces as he has his affair with the closeted soap actor. Jack McCalister lends his chef to the party and is instantly loved by Nora despite the opposing politics. Jack and Kitty continue to flirt as they hide in the closet where the booze is hidden so that Justin doesn't get a hold of it while Tommy babysits. Meanwhile, Sarah and Joe's sextape makes it onto the video tribute for Nora. Worst plot point for a laugh. Would NEVER happen. They would never have handed it to the editor. The editor would have never put it in. Still, it was like a bad soap opera episode acted with a great cast. Love it! Can't wait for Emily Van Camp to join! Woohoo!

How I Met Your Mother - Columns
hmm... I just noticed the episode name. Funny since I just found out one of my architect friend had chipped his tooth once when he was little for chasing a girl and smashing into a column. Meanwhile, Ted who is now boss must fire his ex-boss (Bryan Cranston) and not look like the mean boss everyone else assumes he must be. Meanwhile, the gang finds a naked painting of Marshall, but after the taunting, Barney wants one too and pays Lily to paint him in all his buff awesomeness. Awesome!

Heroes - Godsend
Ando and Hiro get the sword they need to fight the museum dinosaur but alas, it's a fake from the Linderman group. This convinces Nate Petrelli that something MAY be connected. Claire tries to convince Zack of their former friendship before his mind was erased, while Matt Parkman's powers are still being subdued by the Haitian and ends up looking like an idiot in front of the feds. Niki is in jail and crazy, and crazy for geting dreadlocks.

The New Adventures of Old Christine - Let Him Eat Cake
It's Richard's birthday, Old Christine gives New Christine an idea for an awesome gift but then gets jealous when she gets all the credit. I love the dynamics between Richard and Old Christine.

Veronica Mars - Show Me the Monkey
She's back and so is Mac as they try to solve the case of the missing monkey from the lab. A PETA-like organization is blamed but Veronica Mars is on the case. Meanwhile, Logan and Veronica are broken up but alas, their passion brings the back together by the end of the ep! Dean O'Dell's death cannot be a suicide thanks to Papa Mars but it'll be another month before we find out who did it. I liked that Parker, Mac and Veronica united to help solve the case. Meanwhile, Piz is pissed that Logan and Veronica are back together after his impassioned hint to Veronica about his own love for her.

Gilmore Girls - Santa's Secret Stuff
Christmas comes to the Gilmore house late so that Rory back from London can enjoy it. Luke pursues his paternal rights case while Lane goes crazy while she's pregnant as Mrs. Kim rules the roost, and the band get's back together!

Meanwhile on reality TV, why all the hubbub about American Idol judges being mean? They always are during the auditions process. Every year the press says the same thing, you know, because American Idol needs the publicity...

Meanwhile, does anybody find Austin (who seems to be one of the 6 rumoured professional ringers snuck in to ensure some backup plan) from Grease: You're The One That I Want extremely creepy?


Liz said...

Re: Austin-- I think it's the blonde 30-year-old who's weirdly enthusiastic and good at dancing trying to play Danny that's so creepy. And maybe the fact that I think he wears makeup.

I've been so busy lately that I hadn't even heard the ringers rumor! Makes sense--the remaining Ashley, especially, seems really good. She's my pick for Sandy. For Danny...I dunno. Maybe that "young John Stamos" guy...

vance said...

At this point, I can barely tell the guys and girls apart still but at least we are weeded down to some decent people though like one of the judges said, no one has stood out to me at this point.

Roadtrippers said...

Hey all just a reminder that Christine is back in action March 12th so don't miss out! you can get a good preview at http://www.cbs.com/primetime/old_christine/

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